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AAA Rechargeable Batteries

AAA batteries are the smaller companion to the AA Battery. As electronic equipment has become more and more efficient, the smaller AAA battery is now able to provide the power and take up less space than the AA battery. However AAA batteries do operate at a smaller capacity .  

  1. 1900mAh (1)
  2. 900mAh (4)
  3. 1000mAh (1)
  4. 550mAh (1)
  5. 800mAh (5)
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  1. Memorex (3)
  2. JCB (1)
  3. Sanyo (5)
  4. VARTA GmbH (2)
  5. Duracell (2)
  6. Panasonic (3)
  7. Energizer (4)
  8. GP (4)
  9. Philips (1)
  10. Vcell (1)
  11. Ansmann Energy (3)
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To help choose the best rechargeable batteries you start with the device that the batteries are going into. There are three different types of rechargeable batteries depending on the device. First there are standard rechargeable batteries. With a low to medium capacity these batteries are great for everyday items such as cordless phones and TV remotes - These rechargeable batteries offer great value for money and are usually the cheaper rechargeable batteries. High capacity rechargeable batteries are best for high drain devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players and remote controlled vehicles ! Usually these batteries have a high mAh ranging from 1000mAh and above. FInally there are pre-charged rechargeable batteries. These batteries come already charged and ready to use straight out of the packet. The batteries have a low self discharge which enables them to keep their charge for longer. In terms of capacity, there are lower than the high capacity batteries, but higher than the standard rechargeable batteries. Capacity ranges tend to go up to 1000mAh. These batteries are great for everyday use and tend to be mid price.

At, we offer all the major brands of rechargeable AAA batteries which are listed below. Remember we offer a same day despatch service if you order before 4pm !

AAA batteries are also know as:24A, 24AC, 4003, 59H, 824, AAA, AAANIMH, AAANIMH600, AAANIMH750, AM4, E92, HR03, K3A, MICRO, MN2400, ND61R, R03, RB100885, RB102267, RB102267A, RB103235, UM4